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    CROSS GLOBE TRADE (CGT) is a dynamic International Commercial Trading Company, endowed with cross-functional Competencies, economic Resources and a well-established operating Network.
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    Thanks to its membership of a international Network, CROSS GLOBE TRADE provides Services of Advice and Partnership to the Manufacturers that aim to better develop their distribution channels.
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    CGT purchases and sells, in Switzerland and Abroad, all kinds of material both in their rough and natural state, such as raw material and semi-finished products, as well as finished articles and goods. Its activity is carried out in the industrial and private consumer goods sector.
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  • International Trade

International Trading

CGT represents a solid Swiss entrepreneurship committed to the International Trading of both personal and industrial consumable products.

Sell / Purchase

CGT organizes and manages sell/purchase operations of the international trade.

Added value

Thanks to its membership of an established Financial Group, CGT offers also to its Customers/Suppliers additional solutions with higher added value.


CGT stands out for three main distinctive characteristics: reliability, dynamism and adaptability.

Contact Info

   Cross Globe Trade

  World Trade Center, Via Lugano 16

6982 Agno, Switzerland

+41 91.610.29.42